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Paying It Forward

Our First Superhero


The creation of Help Your Hero was inspired by Tracy Bartlett Siemer. Tracy's journey began in June 1991. She was 7 months pregnant and learned that she had a rare brain cancer. On that day, no one could have predicted the direction that her life would take and all the people that would be inspired by her. Tracy adopted a Don't Stop Believin' attitude that day that carried her through the rest of her life.


When Tracy was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, Mesenchymal Chondrosarcoma, she was told that out of only fifteen documented cases, she was the first survivor. Over the course of Tracy's disease, she maintained an unwavering faith and belief that she would beat her cancer. Keeping her humor, she nick-named herself “Superwoman T‐Si” because she said she needed to be strong for her family and friends as she took on her disease. To help keep Superwoman T-Si always in the forefront of Tracy’s mind, instead of her disease, her sister Jackie suggested that she create a name for her cancer, like a Superhero's nemesis, and Tracy picked "Crazy Blonde Diva". A comic book was developed that told the story of how Superwoman T-Si, along with her SuperFriends, handled the return of Crazy Blonde Diva with faith and fun. For twenty two years, Tracy came to realize that, while we cannot always pay it back to those that do so much for us but we can pay it forward. This is the major inspiration behind the creation of Help Your Hero.


We are working toward our vision that positive changes can occur in the quality of life of anyone going through medically-challenging times when they are given the opportunity to inspire and engage others with their story in a fun and entertaining way.

Help Your Hero is centered around a fictional “Hero-verse” where Superheroes exist and their stories can be written with the help of their family and friends.

Help Your Hero will offer easy, everyday ways to encourage and support your Superhero, as well as provide resources for putting together fund raisers.

Help Your Hero provides an online store with plenty of merchandise to help you spread the word about your Superhero and their story.

At Help Your Hero, we're providing a website where children with medical conditions and their loved ones can communicate with each other not only about real-world needs but also through a rich and ever-expanding fictional world where Superheroes are real and only your imagination knows what will happen next!

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